During the year 2008-09 our department started UG course with 43 students.We started PG course in the year 2010.Now it increases to 220 students and 12 faculty members. Many students passed out from this department pursued higher education and holding various positions in private sectors.


  1. Ms.A.Sivajothi,M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Head of the department
  2. Mrs.E.Septima, M.A., M.Phil.,
  3. Mrs.K.Annapurani M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
  4. Mrs.N. Manjula, M.A., M.Phil.,
  5. Ms.E.Kalaivani, M.A., M.Phil.,
  6. Mrs.M.B.Rabiyathul Basiriya, M.A., M.Phil.,
  7. Ms.R.Subangi, M.A., B.Ed.,
  8. Ms.C.Priya, M.A.,
  9. Ms Aarthi., M.A., D.TEd.,
  10. Mrs.A.Ruby Josephin Arokiya Mary M.A., DTEd.,


  • National Seminar on “CONTEMPORARY INDIAN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH- NSCILE 2016’ ” conducted by our department during the year 2016-17 on 1st OCT by Dr.V.Peruvalluthi,Prof.,Dept.of English, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore. Dr. G.Nadanam, Prof., Dept of English,SKSS Arts College, Thiruppandal, Dr.S.Sivarajan,Asst.Prof, Dept of English, Poompuhar College,Melaiyur,Nagapattinam


  • On 14.7. 2016,S.Jenitha(III English) had received I prize for speech competition conducted by General Hospital, Cuddalore.
  • S.Jenitha (III B.A., English) won I prize in speech Competition conducted by Tamil Department(KCSAM) held on 27.7.16
  • S.Jenitha , S.Rubapriya, V.Vinothini, R.Ganaeswari, V.Gayathri won prizes in Speech competition (Breast Feeding Awareness) conducted by Rotary Club, Cuddalore held on 04.8.16
  • V.Vinothini (III B.A.,English) won III prize in Poetry competition (Breast Feeding Awareness) conducted by Rotary Club, Cuddalore held on 04.8.16
  • R.Saranya (III B.A., English), R. Dhanya (II B.A., English), D.Ramya(I B.A., English) won Frist prize in Quiz Competitiom Comducted by KCSAM held on 11.8.16
  • S.Jenitha(III English)won II priize in Speech competition (Significane of Wild Life and Conservation) conducted by Forest Department, Cuddalore held on 17.9.16