From the fine beginning with an enrollment of 54 students, the college has at present over 1700 students housed in large buildings on the beautiful campus at S. Kumarapuram, Cuddalore. Along with the management , a dynamic team of faculty contribute significantly to the fulfillment of the academic programmes.

The college has the unique credit of the first women’s college starting the Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as the Master’s degree in Commerce, English, Mathematics and Computer Science in the Cuddalore district.

A spacious library was erected in the college in 2010 and occupies a place of pride on the campus. The college stands self contained with prestigious structures measuring to a total area of 10.81 acres

In strengthening our core competencies, we have been bettering ourselves as days pass by. The college has a dedicated team of 78 faculty members who maintain academic excellence and about 1700 students who are our anchor to sustain our fame through continuous development.