Students should come to the college neat and well dressed. Students must be in salwarkameez with sleeved long  kurtha and duppatta.


            Discipline is the integral part of education and hence our top most priority is on discipline.   The good name of the institution depends upon student’s conduct.  If any student fails to keep this upto the college expectations the Principal will enforce discipline by imposing appropriate penalty and corrective measures.

At the ringing of the first bell all the students are expected to be seated inside their respective classrooms and with the entrance of the staff members into the classroom all the students are expected to stand up and greet the staff.  All the students should respond to the call of attendance which will be taken every hour.  No student should leave the classroom without the permission of the particular staff member.

Students are not permitted to leave the class or come late under the pretext of paying fees or taking books from the library. Time fixed for such purposes must be adhered to strictly.

Students should walk silently and in an orderly manner when moving from one class to another.  Students should see that they are not disturbed by their parents/ relatives during the class hours.

Representations, complaints and grievances, if any, may be informed to the Principal through the staff-in-charge of student’s welfare.

Students should attend all Terminal and Model Examinations without fail.  Students are allowed to take leave only after submitting the leave letter with the parent’s signature quoting the reason, number of days required etc. When the leave is applied on medical grounds, medical certificate should be submitted.

The College authorities will not own responsibility for the loss of costly jewels/ornaments worn by the students.

Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited within the campus.  In case the student is found in possession of any cell phone, it will be seized from them and will not be returned under any circumstances.


Every student must present for the class in time and stay for the entire class period(or until dismissed) as random arrivals and exits are disrespectful and distracting.

The institution prohibits political activities in and around the campus.

Strict silence must be observed in Library.

Students are expected to spend their free time in the library.They should not loiter along the corridor or crowd along the passage.

Talking and other disruptive behaviors are not permitted during class hours.

Food and beverages are not permitted in the laboratories.

Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the institution that will in any way interfere with its orderly conduct and discipline.

The student should polite and respectful towards others, at all times.

No Society or Association shall be formed in the Institute and no person will be invited to address a meeting without the HOD’s or Principal’s prior permission.

No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic , trip, and educational visit to some place, get-together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without prior sanction of the HOD or Principal.

Students should not leave their books , valuables and other belongings in the classroom.


Ragging of any kind/magnitude inside/outside the college campus is prohibited, according to the ordinance, promulgated by the Governor on 18.12.1996 for the state of Tamil Nadu.(Tamil Nadu Ordinance No.10 of 1996).


Attendance is taken at every lecture and practical classes. All students are expected to attend all classes and secure 100% attendance.   However, in order to allow for certain unavoidable reasons such as medical / participation in sports / personal, a student is expected to attend at least 75% of the classes to qualify for the University Examinations.  Condonation of attendance is permitted to those students whose percentage of attendance is 65% and above but below 75%.  They will be permitted to appear for the University Examinations provided they pay the condonation fee prescribed by the University.


             Identity cards for all students will be issued soon after their admission into the College.  Every student has to wear her identity card every day.  This card will be valid for the period of study.   Identity card is absolutely essential during the examination days and for obtaining Certificates, Library entry, etc.,